RADIUS authentication server
multiOTP Pro is a strong two factors auhtentication solution available as a hardware device or as a virtual appliance. multiOTP Pro is OATH certified for both TOTP and HOTP tokens.


  • importation of encrypted PSKC token files (incl. AES-128-CBC and PBE)
  • OATH-TOTP an OATH-HOTP tokens support
  • Yubico OTP support for YubiKeys from Yubico, including keys import from the log file in Traditional format
  • alternative Mobile-OTP (mOTP) algorithm also supported
  • generation of free software tokens
  • generation of QRcode provisioning, compatible with Google Authenticator, easy to deploy
  • generation of lists of scratch passwords
  • sending OTP values by SMS
  • accounts creation with users synchronization from Active Directory or a standard LDAP server
  • prefix PIN can be the Active Directory / LDAP password or a dedicated PIN
  • multi-language support
  • customizable provisioning information templates
  • includes RADIUS and web service
  • provides encrypted backup of the configuration (manually, or scheduled per email or FTP)
  • easily upgradable
  • integrated help content (Quick Start Guide and External Server configuration for Active Directory / LDAP)
  • free minor updates
  • licences for up to 500 users

Additional "Enterprise" features

  • high availability (HA) with appliance synchronization in master-slave mode
  • annual subscription for support, minor and major updates
  • licences for up to 100'000 users

The total time of installation is less than 10 minutes with 20 users ready to authenticate !
(unboxing the firewall and the multiOTP Pro device, generating 20 QRcodes for Google Authenticator provisionning, printing the QRcodes generated in a PDF file, flashing one QRcode in a smartphone and testing the authentication with this user).

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