RADIUS authentication server
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  • You can test a fully functional version of multiOTP ® Pro on http://demo.multiotp.com/
    Username: admin
    Password: livedemo

    Launch the demo

    You can also download for free the virtual appliance available as an OVA file (compatible with VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.).
    A free 1 user licence is automatically installed on the virtual appliance during the boot time.
    The appliance must have access at least once to the Internet during the boot time in order to download automatically the free licence.

    Download the Virtual appliance

  • Specifications

    The multiOTP ® Pro products family offers strong authentication for firewalls and other devices through RADIUS

    It is OATH certified for both TOTP and HOTP tokens, and supports also YubiKeys from Yubico.

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    Order your multiOTP ® Pro

    Available as:

    The SOHO hardware device
    CHF 499 (VAT included)

    The virtual appliance is free of charge with a 1 user licence

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    Download documentation and firmware

    You can also access to the demo version of the easy to use web management interface by clicking on the Demo menu.

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News News
  • 2018-07-16 The new firmware of 16. July 2018 is now available for download directly from your device.

  • SOHO hardware device

    multiOTP ® Pro 420B


    20 lifetime 5.x user licences included
    Upgradable up to 500 users
    1 x RJ-45 Ethernet connector
    Powered directly from any device providing USB port (less than 5W)


    Height: 21 mm
    Width: 62 mm
    Depth: 90 mm


    CHF 499.00

    Free virtual appliance

    multiOTP ® Pro 405V


    1 free 5.x user licence included
    Upgradable up to 500 users (for more, upgrade to Enterprise edition)
    Virtual console for recovery purpose ((re)setting IP address, subnet mask)
    Minimal requirements : 1-2 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB disk space
    Available as a downloadable OVA file (compatible with VMware, VirtualBox, etc.)

    Additional 5.x licences

    • 10 users 5.x package : CHF 200.00
    • 100 users 5.x package : CHF 1'800.00
    • 500 users 5.x package : CHF 8'000.00
    • more: upgrade to Enterprise edition

    Buy now

    Download the Virtual appliance

    All prices are VAT included. Hardware shipping in Switzerland only.

  • multiOTP Pro is a strong two factors auhtentication solution available as a hardware device or as a virtual appliance. multiOTP Pro is OATH certified for both TOTP and HOTP tokens.


    • importation of encrypted PSKC token files (incl. AES-128-CBC and PBE)
    • OATH-TOTP an OATH-HOTP tokens support
    • Yubico OTP support for YubiKeys from Yubico, including keys import from the log file in Traditional format
    • alternative Mobile-OTP (mOTP) algorithm also supported
    • generation of free software tokens
    • generation of QRcode provisioning, compatible with Google Authenticator, easy to deploy
    • generation of lists of scratch passwords
    • sending OTP values by SMS
    • accounts creation with users synchronization from Active Directory or a standard LDAP server
    • prefix PIN can be the Active Directory / LDAP password or a dedicated PIN
    • multi-language support
    • customizable provisioning information templates
    • includes RADIUS and web service
    • provides encrypted backup of the configuration (manually, or scheduled per email or FTP)
    • easily upgradable
    • integrated help content (Quick Start Guide and External Server configuration for Active Directory / LDAP)
    • free minor updates
    • licences for up to 500 users

    Additional "Enterprise" features

    • high availability (HA) with appliance synchronization in master-slave mode
    • annual subscription for support, minor and major updates
    • licences for up to 100'000 users

    The total time of installation is less than 10 minutes with 20 users ready to authenticate !
    (unboxing the firewall and the multiOTP Pro device, generating 20 QRcodes for Google Authenticator provisionning, printing the QRcodes generated in a PDF file, flashing one QRcode in a smartphone and testing the authentication with this user).


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