RADIUS authentication server
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  • 2018-08-22 The new firmware of 22. August 2018 is now available for download directly from your device
    FIX: (Enterprise only) On master side, re-create a clean displayable list of slave devices each time a device is updated
    FIX: Additional information and refresh rate in the CLI console
    FIX: (Enterprise only) The Master mode was always displayed as disabled the first time the System tab is displayed
    ENH: Multiple semicolon separated "Users DN" now supported for AD/LDAP synchronization
    ENH: (Enterprise only) Additional info on both master and slave sides during synchronization process

  • 2018-07-16 The new firmware of 16. July 2018 is now available for download directly from your device.
    ENH: Active Directory nested groups support (user1 in groupA, groupA in groupB, setting the OTP groups to "groupB" will add user1)
    ENH: Enhanced AD/LDAP support for huge Microsoft Active Directory (much faster)
    ENH: "Base DN" and "Users DN "are now two different parameters ("Users DN" is optional)

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